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Re-mix is proud to serve the film and theater community!  Our mission is to produce quality vintage reproduction shoes, true to the eras of the early to mid  20th century.  Everytime we see our shoes on stage or the big screen, we know we’ve “done our job right”. In order to accommodate the many theater and film productions we service, however, we must adhere to a strict return policy for these transactions, as we do not operate as a traditional “costume house”. 

Returns and exchanges – Returns of up to three pairs of shoes may be made within 10 days of receipt of the merchandise by the production.  A refund will be issued, minus a 20% re-stocking fee per pair returned.  Customer is responsible for return shipping. On larger orders, for every four pairs of shoes purchased, the production may return only one pair for a full refund.  The return must be made within ten days of receipt of the merchandise by the production.  All other returns past the ten day return/exchange deadline will only be issued a store credit, minus a 20% restocking fee. The exchange deadline is ten days, but can be flexible, based on our initial agreement with the production, according to their specific needs.

Thanks very Much!